FAYCO Personal & Social Adjustment Services

Personal & Social Adjustment: Our Community Day Services Program (CDS) emphasizes pre-vocational areas of training and life skills for our clients who are living in an approved and licensed residential program. Our Connections Program utilizes the community’s resources to help individuals explore new things and develop new skills.

Community Day Services Program (CDS)

Community Day Services (CDS) is open to developmentally disabled adults, based upon availability of funding and program capacity. Services are designed for an array of ability and skill level ranging from;

1) individuals with the most significant disability who may enjoy a program with an emphasis on in-house and community activities that include socialization, health and wellness, safety, and independent living skills to

2) individuals desiring a more advanced opportunity to learn and explore their community through volunteerism and an exposure to competitive and/or center-based employment.*

*Centered-based employment is designed to provide individuals with work opportunities that allow the individual to earn wages based upon their skill level and is governed by the Department of Labor 14(c) and WIOA regulations.

Connections Program

Learning to live your best life...

Connections helps individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities to engage with their community. By exploring opportunities for:

  • Self-Advocacy/Independent Living
  • Continued Learning
  • Job Exploration/Training
  • Recreation, Hobbies and Community Events

Connections utilizes the community’s resources to help individuals explore new things and develop new skills. Staff provides support through programs that help individuals identify their strengths, needs, and interests.

Day Program Locations

Bond County


brick building with white triangular awing over entryway, people standing behind a large long blue ribbon

538 West Harris Avenue - Connections Program

The C.R. Lindberg Center at 538 W. Harris, Greenville, Illinois is affectionately known as Bob’s Place. It opened in 2022. This facility is used for our Connections program, which helps individuals to learn to live their best life by engaging in the community and exploring opportunities.

Fayette County


boxey office building exterior with flat roof, brown and ivory siding, grass, decorative bushes, entrance sign

1313 Sunset Drive - Administration and Day Programs Center

The Administration Building at 1313 Sunset, Vandalia, Illinois, is the main hub of activity for FAYCO. At that location we have our largest Day Program. Approximately 150 clients work there on a daily basis. The jobs they perform can range from small to intricate. This location also provides training for clients in regards to appropriate interactions with others as well as preparation for jobs.

This location also houses our Work Partners Program, Community Employment Services and our intake department as well.

Additionally, our Administrative staff are located there.

Montgomery County


brick and stone building exterior with metal pitched roof, gravel parking lot and entrance sign

2112 Schram Avenue - Day Programs Center

This facility at 2112 Schram, Hillsboro, Illinois, is a comprehensive center for Montgomery County, providing a varied level of services to include:

  • Work Services Training
  • Work Partners (Community Employment Services)
  • Community Day Services Program (CDS)