FAYCO Residential Program

All residential facilities adhere to the highest of health and safety standards as set forth by Local, State, and Federal guidelines. These facilities strive to create an enjoyable living environment for each of the residents and has planned activities while the residents are within the facility and community.

  Fully Accessible, Staffed 24 Hours a Day

FAYCO has multiple homes that are fully accessible with walk in showers, lift equipped bathtubs, spacious bedrooms, and staff that are present 24 hours a day. RN/LPN and authorized staff are available for medications. Residents participate in one or more of our services or activities during weekdays. Designed for individuals with complex needs.

brown sofa and flat screen television in a residential setting sitting room
Lift equipped bathtub
woman holds plate and feeds resident in mobility chair

  Staffed as Needed According to Client’s Individual Plan

FAYCO also has homes that are designed for individuals with less intense needs.

One story brick and vinyl siding house with skinny white columns
One story white vinyl siding duplex house with garages on either side
One story brick house with skinny white columns
Two story housing complex, blue vinyl siding and bright blue shutters on nine windows
Upper level of two story house, ivory vinyl siding, door between two windows
Lower level showing both stories of two story house, ivory vinyl siding, green grass yard, red van in driveway
One story brick and taupe vinyl siding, distinct arch shaped window in center of facade, green grass yard and tall tree trunks
One story brick and yellow vinyl siding, wide driveway in front

Staff are present 24 hours a day or in accordance with individuals’ personal plan.

Residents may be assisted in cooking their own meals, doing their own laundry, shopping, banking and integrating themselves into the community. Residents have a personal plan that may or may not include work at FAYCO during the weekday. Some residents are self-medicating. Authorized staff pass medications to some under RN supervision.

infographic with male and female figures representing CILA program 2017 statistics

FAYCO Residential CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) Facilities are located in Vandalia, Hillsboro and Greenville.