FAYCO Work Partners & Industrial Projects

Work Partners / Community Employment Services: Matching qualified disabled workers with competitive local employment opportunities and helping ensure their success on the job.

Ready To Hire?

infographic with stick figures lifting an arrow pointed upward representing trends toward more client earnings and work program statistics
adult workers seated at tables with sorting sheets and boxes of items to sort

Would you like to...

  • Save money and time by reducing your training cost and lowering your turnover rates?
  • Have reliable and dependable employees?
  • Save valuable time searching for the right applicant?
  • Promote your company’s commitment to a diverse workforce?

Community Employment Services...

  • Can provide employers with employees who want to work!
  • Statistically, employees with disabilities have a higher rate of loyalty and longevity.
  • These individuals have the will and desire to be successful in your business.

The placement program offers several services and incentives to employers:

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits
  • Job Matching
  • Job Coaching
  • On-The-Job Training
  • Employer Education
  • Follow-Up

Work Partners

The thrust behind FAYCO’s Work Partners program is to help local employers with understanding the many benefits they will enjoy when they hire workers that we have screened and are able to perform the work the employer needs to have done. Placement is a cooperative effort between FAYCO and the business and industrial community to find competitive employment opportunities for a qualified worker.

Please ask us how FAYCO’s Employment Services may be an additional resource to help you. Work Partner appointments may be held at 1313 Sunset Dr. in Vandalia, Illinois, or 512 Locust St. in Hillsboro, Illinois.

Skill development centers, such as our workshops in Vandalia and Hillsboro, offer jobs at wages that are based on the skill-set of the person doing the job. The worker protection legislation known as Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act ensures access to these types of jobs for those individuals that qualify.

There is an 8-minute video on YouTube (embedded below) that does an excellent job of explaining how we pay the people we work with in our agency. It is called “Putting Success Within Reach—Commensurate Wage Illustration 2012” and explains the fair pay practices of community rehabilitation programs. This video is very well produced and we encourage everyone—individuals, family, the businesses we work with, and the general public—to view it. It is closed-captioned for the hearing impaired. Watch below or Click Here to view the video at YouTube.com (Warning: Link opens in a new window).

Industrial Work Programs

adult workers in hair nets at tables packing bottles into cardboard boxes

FAYCO has evolved from a simple work activity center to a fully developed skill development center for adults with intellectual/developmentlal disabilities.

Through contracts with local industries, FAYCO Enterprises has performed many services for a number of items and products. Custom product packaging is a typical service.

FAYCO has a fully operational manufacturing plant where products can be made. Manufacturers are afforded a valuable annex to their plants to help offset the cost of their contracts.

FAYCO employs people who want to work; to do work that you have difficulty staffing; to deliver high quality levels you could not achieve. And, we can do this work at very competitive costs.

If your business or manufacturing center would be interested in this type of program, please feel free to Contact Us.